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Twine Ethnography, Philosophical Carpentry and the first COLLEEX network workshop on experimental ethnography

I gave  two presentations last week in Lisbon, Portugal at the COLLEEX (pronounced COLL-EEGS) network workshop for experimental ethnography. One presentation was on behalf of our team researching women who drive long-haul trucks. That was done with Carmen Lamothe (M.A. soci). Sadly, two other tagsters, Ceyda Yolgormez and Gabrielle Lavenir couldn’t attend the event. Of particular interest tagsters would be our brief description of how we intend in presenting some of our research in the …

Tiree TechWave 8- Critical Making

The island of Tiree with its sheep, wind surfing, and limited physical connection to the mainland seems like an unlikely place for a ‘tech’ conference. TechWave’s vision is to consider the social and philosophical challenges of technology by engaging directly with it but without specific objectives. Alan Dix, a mathematician & computer scientist founded the Tiree TechWave workshop. One theme that does recur in the workshop is the place of technology in peripheral, marginal, or disavantaged situations. …

INDIEGAME: TAG’s achievements through GRAND-nce

Lynn Hughes, Bart Simon  and Mia Consalvo, together with other active game studies scholars at other universities all have research projects funded through GRAND-nce. For students at TAG that work is primarily focussed on the INDIEGAME project. If you aren’t already doing research via this project, these are some of the themes and sub-projects included in INDIEGAME:
CULT-INDIE: Independent game development has a cultural form predicated on a variety of social structural and social historical factors.This …

GRAND 2014

This year’s GRAND (GRaphics, Animation and New meDia) conference marks a turn in the national research network as it renews itself with new projects. Those of the first 5 years are coming to an end. For TAG, this especially means a shift to the INDIGAME project as PLAYPR(and others) winds down.

Lynn Hughes, Brian Greenspan, Bart Simon,  Sean Gouglas and Andrew Herman gathered with other NI’s(Network Investigators i.e Profs) and HQP (Highly Qualified Personnel i.e. grad students, research assistants) last …

CFPresentations- GRAND 2014 conference due February 7

If you have funding from GRAND, are or ever have been a GRAND HQP, you can submit. Accepted Research Notes will earn travel funding and the possibility of additional awards.
See the Call, below:
1. GRAND 2014 Research Notes submissions due February 7
All GRAND graduate students and postdocs are encouraged to submit a Research Note (RNote) for the GRAND 2014 conference. RNotes are the mechanism for sharing research results arising from GRAND projects within the GRAND community.
Research …

Jason Della Rocca at World Social Science Forum

Jason Della Rocca listens to audience questions during his talk at WSSF.
TAG board member Jason Della Rocca gave a talk about the possibilities of “games for change” and how Canadians might develop these in Canada. The lively discussion with audience members included the significance of participation both in the creation and use of these games, and the value of social science approaches to iteratively developing these games. TAG post-doctoral researcher Jen Whitson’s ethnographic work with …