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Another Year, Another Arcade 11? Naturally!

Last week, the 11th floor of Concordia’s EV Building played host to another installment in Arcade 11! Everyone’s favourite curated collection of games both wonderful and weird drew crowds to the space once again! With natural environment as its theme and a selection of virtual experiences that range from patrolling the daunting Wyoming wilderness to trying to navigating an absurdly chaotic kitchen, this year’s co-curators, Pippin Barr, Gina Hara, and Milin Li, made last year’s event …

Extra-Curricular Play #1: Pandemic Legacy

Welcome friends and well-wishers to the first in a series I call Extra-Curricular Play wherein I will share some of the fun interactions that happen in TAG when we play games without it being explicitly tied to research. Beyond seeking to capture more of what happens around the lab for your reading pleasure, this article series emerges out of a desire to highlight that, as much as the folks around TAG love to work with games and game-y objects in …

Thinking Green at Global Game Jam 2017

This 20th-22nd of January, TAG was proud to be one of the many sites for the 2017 iteration of Global Game Jam, the world’s largest game-making event. The theme this year was ‘Waves’, but on top of that our on-site jam organizers, Gina Hara and Lianne Decary-Chen, with the amazing collaboration of Concordia’s Sustainability Action Fund (SAF) added in an extra twist for our jammers – a local diversifier that challenged the game makers to relate their final …

LEVEL UP Presents: Unity Workshop!

Happy New Year!
Though it’s a bit of a late start for us, LEVEL UP is back and this time we’ve got a Unity workshop for all you lovely folks!

This workshop is going to cover the fundamentals of making a 3D game in Unity, with no prior knowledge of game making or programming needed!  We will cover:

scene creation
character controllers
importing and using premade assets
object collision & interaction
scripted goals and win states

By the end you’ll have a simple …

LEVEL UP! Presents: GAMERella 2016 Workshops!

Just as the chill of autumn sets in and everyone’s lovely sweaters come out of storage, GAMERella emerges into the world for another year and another amazing game jam! As per usual, TAG is proud to invite self-identified women, gender non conforming game makers, as well as anyone who feels they haven’t had a chance to make a (video or board) game in a city ruled by industry giants. TAG welcomes everyone, not just women, to join them …

LEVEL UP! Workshop – Camera Tricks in Construct 2!

Hey, folks!
Here’s hoping your end-of-semester crunch is behaving, because we’d hate for you to miss the last LEVEL UP of the 2015-16 school year! Put aside those pesky papers and take a breather from exam preparations! Celebrate the (gradual) arrival of sunshine and vacation with one more Construct 2 workshop for good luck, this time from TAG’s own Sylvain Payen!

Whoever has developed sidescroller or top down view games in Construct 2, knows the limits of …

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