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5-7 | Better Games for Silver Gamers

This is a casual get-together to celebrate the completion of the first phase of “Finding Better Games for Older Adults” study.
In this first phase, eighteen 65+ (non)Players volunteered in a PERFORM study to help evaluate different categories of computer games that are assumed cognitively beneficial. Based on the findings from the study, a team of Concordia students in Game Studio II (CART 416) are making a Kinect-enabled Dance-Game.
This meeting is an opportunity for them to …

Bat Is Not Originally Reserved – GUEST ARTIST: Cha Ji Ryang

TAG invites you to BAT IS NOT ORIGINALLY RESERVED, a 3 part guest artist event featuring Cha Ji Ryang.

What is a necessary language to mankind for settlement? Nations and nationalities have developed a history of hatred, endless emigration and discord as they created their language. Stigma on people who left and people who liken themselves to a bat. Those who feel the frustration of communication scream in a place where no one can hear them. …


Organized by Eastern Bloc, since 2009, Sight & Sound Festival seeks out the best and most provocative and outstanding work of digital art currently being made by international and local emerging artists. It embraces the fringe of contemporary digital art and culture through installations, performances, workshops, interventions, and discussions. Sight & Sound is seeing the unseen and hearing the unheard. It’s experiencing the indescribable. It is where contemporary digital art meets its …

KM3 and TAG present: Place des Alts

August 30 @ 8:00 am – October 15 @ 5:00 pm

Presented as part of KM3, an art walk through the Quartier des Spectacles, a team from TAG has created Place des Alts, an immersive and narrative experience.

With the help of the interactive audio guide, participants will dive into a captivating mix of realistic and dreamlike stories. The narrative unfolds according to choices the players make. To experience the adventure, spectators need to wander around Place des Festivals with …

Summer workshops at the Library Tech Sandbox

While LEVEL UP! is on a summer break, you can still work on your skills.

3D modelling 101
3D printing 101
Arduino 101
Raspberry Pi 101: Cat selfie machine
Intro to Linux
Photoshop CC Crash Course
Intro to OpenSCAD
Intro to Soldering

Tech Sandbox is a place for the Concordia community to try out emerging technologies and cutting-edge equipment. Learn about 3D printing, electronics, or digital music by attending a workshop. Work on your personal tech project, explore …


It’s the end of the term again and around this time I still get a weird jitter in my bones. Not because the summer is coming or because it’s exam period, but because during the first 3 years of my time at TAG the warm weather meant it was time to prepare for Critical Hit.
TAG has been around for awhile. We’ve been a research center long enough that what were once new faces coming into …