Passing the Torch: Introducing TAG’s New Director!

Hello TAGsters and TAGfriends,
As one school year wraps up, a change in management has taken place. On June 5th, 2017 at noon former TAG director Dr. Mia Consalvo initiated the now-traitional passing of the ceremonial TAG baseball cap on to a more than capable successor, Dr. Rilla Khaled.

The momentous event can be viewed here in all its glory.

Upon donning the sacred hat, Rilla gave a short speech in which she expressed her hopes for the …

5a7 – Settling Minecraft: Tactics and strategies at the player frontier

TAG is proud to invite you for a series of 5 a 7 showcasing its stellar members’ ongoing research.
Communication Studies PhD student Nic Watson will be presenting a portion of his ongoing dissertation research into the culture of Minecraft modders and modding practices.
Many of the gameplay and modding practices now considered to be canonical aspects of Minecraft actually coalesced out of early, messy, tactical attempts by fans to stretch the procedural and representational powers of the …

Participatory Making

You are handed an envelope and instructed to text “READY” to an unknown number. You send the message and look through the envelope. In it is a single loonie, which you pocket. You receive a text and image from the number: “Follow this handrail to the auditorium. Walk slowly. Text me the room number at the end.”
You follow the instructions, guided by a series of texts and images from the unknown number. You are told …

5a7 – Why We Play Hard Work: Some Theses on Simulation

TAG is proud to invite you for a series of 5 a 7 showcasing its stellar members’ and friends’ ongoing research.
Why do we play hard work? At the intersection of play and labor, the simulator — from the wildly popular Trucking Simulators to the esoteric Cart Life’s painful banality — demands that we ask this question. In this presentation, PHD student David Leblanc outlines an in-progress thesis project, an intervention in the politics of labor the simulator problematizes.
Drawing …

Extra-Curricular Play #2 – A Fake Artist Goes to New York

Hello again and welcome, friends and well-wishers, to a second installment in the Extra-Curricular Play series where I will share some of the fun interactions that happen in TAG when we play games without it being explicitly tied to research. Beyond seeking to capture more of what happens around the lab for your reading pleasure, this article series emerges out of a desire to highlight that, as much as the folks around TAG love to work …

5a7 – Zombies, Vaults & Violence: Collective Memory and the Representation of Atomic Fears in Resident Evil & Fallout

TAG is proud to invite you for a series of 5 à 7 showcasing its stellar members’ ongoing research.
Joining us this coming week is Ryan Scheiding, one of our PHD student from the Communications program.His project examines how videogames make use of pre-established discourses of the past in their remediation of historical narratives. It is broken into three distinct parts.
The first is a historiography of World War II in the Pacific theatre with a focus on the narratives of …

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