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GAMERella Game Jam 2018

Nov 10, 2018 - Nov 11, 2018

Posted by Gina

Mark November 10-11th in your calendars, because TAG’s GAMERella is happening again this year! This is our 5th year and as always, GAMERella is inviting self-identified women, gender non conforming game makers, people with different abilities as well as anyone who feels they haven’t had a chance to make a (video or board) game.
As always, there will be workshops, mentors, snacks and an amazing keynote speaker to make sure you are inspired, supported and safe!

Larissa Hjorth Talk – Careful surveillance & digital wayfaring

Oct 15, 2018

Posted by Gina

Careful surveillance & digital wayfaring: intergenerational & more-than-human locative media practices by Larissa Hjorth
In Kyoto, 86 year old Aiko took up Pokemon Go after her husband died. Each day she gets up enthusiastically, pulling on sneakers and hitting the streets in search of pokestops and friendly Pokémon players. In Tokyo, Hajime Ishikawa is a landscape architect who began self-tracking practice with his first GPS purchase in 2000. He has tracked all of his movements ever since. …

Black Room | HTMlles Vernissage & Exhibition @ TAG

Nov 02, 2018 - Nov 09, 2018

Posted by Gina

As part of the HTMlles Festival, TAG presents Black Room, a web-browser-based narrative game by Cassie McQuater.
In Black Room, you play as an insomniac on the verge of sleep, moving through shifting states of consciousness. Hallucinatory, pixelated visions of landscapes filled with characters from the games of your childhood appear as you click through fragile internet spaces. Often interrupted, you continually return to the Black Room, a meditation technique your mother taught you for falling …

QGCon 2018 Recap

Posted by michaeliantorno

This past September, Concordia University was host to the fifth iteration of The Queerness and Games Conference (QGCon). Featuring dozens of presenters from across academia, industry, activism, and the arts – and putting a focus on accessibility, inclusion, and creativity – QGCon explored topics ranging from queer representation in videogames to affective labour in the games industry. An annual, community-oriented, nationally-recognized event, QGCon is dedicated toward exploring the intersection of LGBTQ issues and video games. …

Milieux Expo

Oct 19, 2018

Posted by Gina

Milieux’s first Expo, Sights of Feeling, is an institute wide exhibition featuring the work of thirty student members across all eight of Milieux’s research clusters. TAG is being represented by Rebecca Goodine, Enric Llagostera, Eileen Mary Holowka and Ida Toft.

Sights of Feeling explores the embodied, qualitative and ‘feeling’ encounters provoked in the act of research-creation work. The ethnographic, game-based, performative, photographic, sculptural, and written works in this exhibition create a space for witnessing care, empathy, …

TAG Profiles: Rebecca Waldie

Posted by michaeliantorno

TAG Profiles is a blog series that explores the work of current TAG scholars. Rebecca Waldie is a PhD student in Concordia’s Communication program and a recent graduate of the Media Studies (MA) program. She is also one of TAG’s two student representatives.
You recently completed your master’s degree and are now a year into your PhD. What are your research interests?
When I entered the program, my original intent was to expand upon my master’s work …