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Comic Book Club 5a7

Jan 25, 2018

Posted by kalervo

Hi everybody! There’s a lot of overlap between the interests of comics studies and game studies, so we’re setting up a monthly comic book club 5a7 which will be starting next Thursday, Jan 25th. Do you love comics and want to talk about them more? Do you make comics? Are you just curious? Come discuss and learn about the medium with us! For this first edition, we invite you to bring in a few books and be prepared to …

INTERPLAY: Thinking Through Games

Jan 26, 2018 - May 13, 2018

Posted by Gina

TAG has partnered with Kitchener’s THEMUSEUM, the ‘Games Institute’(GI) at the University of Waterloo, and the Personal Computer Museum.
TAG and GI present INTERPLAY: Thinking Through Games.
This exhibition explores the spaces and places of games in research institutions. This unique collaboration will display a wide variety of ways that academic researchers are engaging with and studying games, through play and analysis as well as through game creation. Engaging and hands-on, the exhibition will serve as a space for visitors …

Variations – a project by Ida Toft

Posted by agustina

Ida Toft is a graduate student in the interdisciplinary PhD program (INDI) at Concordia University. Ida’s work reflects on how we cultivate differences in communal spaces while working in collaboration with interdisciplinary artists and game makers. As a TAG member, they explore games as technologies merging things, bodies, affects and affinities in specific space and time within a mix of automated and contingent environments.
Ida is currently working on a new iteration of the project …

LEVEL UP present Unity Workshop !

Posted by sylvain

Level Up! workshop series continues with Marc-Antoine Jetté-Léger, who will give us an introduction to Unity. The workshop will take place on Wednesday, December 6th at TAG. Please don’t forget to register!

Unity : a 2D game from scratch
by Marc Antoine

This workshop is going to cover the fundamentals of making a 2D game in Unity, with no prior knowledge of game making or programming needed!  We will cover:

scene creation
character controllers
importing and using premade assets
object collision & interaction
display …

Research creation report : Making the counterfunction

Posted by benjamin

This article was originally posted on my devlog accessible here.

This project is from a serie of prototype I built for a directed study with Pippin Barr. A directed study is a one on one class with a teacher, usually for graduate student, around a topic relevant to their thesis work. We worked around fast prototyping. As a pretext for creation, we wanted each prototype to be a response to an academic text.

Counterfunctional Design
Counterfunction is …

5-7 | Better Games for Silver Gamers

Nov 17, 2017

Posted by Gina

This is a casual get-together to celebrate the completion of the first phase of “Finding Better Games for Older Adults” study.
In this first phase, eighteen 65+ (non)Players volunteered in a PERFORM study to help evaluate different categories of computer games that are assumed cognitively beneficial. Based on the findings from the study, a team of Concordia students in Game Studio II (CART 416) are making a Kinect-enabled Dance-Game.
This meeting is an opportunity for them to …