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Brothers and the Socio-Materiality of Controllers

Blame it on the Halloween Steam sale or blame it on too much time doing administration. I had to play some games (we are talking Dark Souls here people… that’s how intense my admin life has become). Anyway I picked up Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons after Darren Wershler raved about it and reminded […]

More on the Hothouse Effect

  Darren Wershler just put up this excellent post on the new Amplab blog. I think I saw the tweet just at the right time because I caught myself pondering the organization of TAG, possible futures and other stuff that creeps into my head when I can’t seem to write.  Darren’s bit is on Barton […]

Gamasutra, Glass Ceilings, Beer and Feminism.

It is with a heavy heart that I wrote my latest Gamasutra blog post.  At the very cusp of patio season I wrote about beer’s potentially detrimental effects on diversity within the game industry. It’s posted below in its entirety, but I really recommend you head to the Gamasutra site to check out the comments […]

Tchotchke theory and 3D Printing

So our new Replicator 2 3D printer has arrived!  Why did we get it and what does it have to do with TAG? To be perfectly honest, we did not have anything specific in mind when we ordered the Makerbot.  I have no doubt that it will be useful for the maker-tinkerer-designers at TAG, and […]

Dishonored – Can systems have ethics?

Forgive me… it has been a few months since my last commentary on a game. Its not for lack of playing.  Reflecting on my kids and Minecraft is still ongoing but now I have finished Dishonored. Two and a half times. The first time I played it straight, the second time I went for low […]

Down in the mines no one can hear you scream

It was on my list of GTP (games to play) and it took a yucky rainy weekend for me to finally cave and start playing minecraft.  Of course I included my prime research subjects (my kids) in on the exercise and of course we are sharing the one account (for now). This is the story […]