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Is it a jam? Is it a family?

Last weekend, we gathered around a fake fireplace to create, code, knit, pet pets, share knowledge and support each other in making games. This was the fourth year of the game-making marathon we like to call GAMERella.

48 people made a game this year – more than ever. In addition, 81% of the participants identified as women or non-binary and over half of them made their very first game at GAMERella. This is important to us because GAMERella’s …

I/O Symposium on Computational Subcultures – November 25th

Hi Everyone!
We are very pleased to announce our upcoming symposium on computational subcultures, taking place in the Resource Room (EV 11.705) this Friday from 9am-7pm. The I/O symposium is a joint venture of several interests from within the university, including Milieux, TAG, and the mLab.
This symposium, open to all to attend, will investigate a range of issues relating to technology and its most evocative uses, from workshops probing the boundaries of machine learning to research and …

Guest Speaker Katerina Cizek on Interactive Documentary Filmmaking

The Concordia University Research Chair in Interactive Documentary Filmmaking is proud to host filmmaker Katerina Cizek:
Cizek will present her body of work on November 14th from 2:00pm to 4:00pm at TAG. The talk will also explore Cizek’s creative process as well as her role as Research Affiliate at MIT’s Open Doc Lab.

Katerina Cizek is a two-time Emmy-winning director and pioneer in digital media: documentary, interactive and journalism. Her work has documented the Digital Revolution, and has itself become part of the movement. …

HTMlles: Montreal’s Feminist Festival of Media Arts and Digital Culture

For the first time TAG is teaming up with HTMlles, Montreal’s Feminist Festival of Media Arts and Digital Culture. HTMlles is taking place November 3th-6th. Please take a look at the program here.

Our very own Squinky (Mx. Dietrich Squinkifer) will kick off the festival with a workshop on Intimate Narratives in Twine. It will be a three-hour workshop in which participants will discuss themes of intimacy and care in the context of games and game culture. Squinky will introduce some basic skills that participants …

GAMERella Game Jam 2016

Mark November 12-13th in your calendars, because TAG’s GAMERella is happening again this year! Just like last year and the year before, GAMERella is inviting self-identified women, gender non conforming game makers, people with different abilities as well as anyone who feels they haven’t had a chance to make a (video or board) game.
As always, there will be workshops, mentors, snacks and an amazing keynote speaker to make sure you are inspired, supported and safe!

LEVEL UP! Presents: GAMERella 2016 Workshops!

Just as the chill of autumn sets in and everyone’s lovely sweaters come out of storage, GAMERella emerges into the world for another year and another amazing game jam! As per usual, TAG is proud to invite self-identified women, gender non conforming game makers, as well as anyone who feels they haven’t had a chance to make a (video or board) game in a city ruled by industry giants. TAG welcomes everyone, not just women, to join them …

Speculative Play: Deep Time and the Onkalo RPG

After spending the weekend immersed in thoughts about Deep Time at the Speculative Play Deep Time jam this weekend, it turned out that my Monday night RPG/board game group didn’t have anything to play that night. During the weekend, we had watched “Into Eternity” (http://www.intoeternitythemovie.com/) and thought about Onkalo (a waste-storage facility being built 4 or 5 kilometers deep in the Finnish bedrock), as well as nuclear waste more generally. Our discussions about deep time …

Indie Interfaces Announcement

Hello, friends! Dr. Felan Parker here. You may know me as the Toronto-based TAG postdoc, or from my work with the Canadian Game Studies Association (CGSA). Along with my fantastic co-investigators Dr. Bart Simon here at TAG and Dr. Jennifer Whitson at the University of Waterloo (both of whom are familiar to many of you), I’m pleased to announce that we have just been awarded a two-year, $75,000 SSHRC Insight Development Grant for our research …

University of the Streets Café @ TAG

Whose stories are told through gaming?
Computer games allow for meaningful immersion in complex tales that shifts as a result of our actions. At their narrative best, games lead us to situate our sense of self in relation to virtual constructs and to reflect on questions of morality. Given current industry trends, however, we may be tempted to consider whose stories predominate in game culture. Whose stories are told through gaming – who are the protagonists …

Ardunio Masterclass with Massimo Banzi

Milieux Institute presents an exclusive workshop
at TAG with Arduino co-creator Massimo Banzi.
ARDUINO makes affordable open-source microcontrollers to help novices and experts alike create their own interactive projects. On September 29, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss Arduino’s innovative uses, collaborative philosophy and abundant possibilities with the co-inventor himself, Massimo Banzi.
To be considered for the workshop, we ask you fill out the following form with your name. Your attendance will be confirmed shortly.  – https://goo.gl/forms/OJDawn5XLsDkGwpg1. Deadline Sept 23rd.
All participants will …

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