In space, no one can…

I am also doing the No Man’s Sky thing. I’ve only been at it for a week now. I’ve been to about 14 planets in 4 star systems, and catalogued and uploaded an huge amount of flora, fauna and alien waypoints. I have pulled in over $2million mostly from mining huge deposits of gold and emeril in a space pirate infested system and have finally traded in my starter clunker of a ship for a …

Theatre-Games: Two Labs Teach Each Other

Written by William Robinson and Eileen Mary Holowka.
In June 2016, Montreal’s Centre for Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) and London’s ZU-UK came together in order to lose their way. Their goal? To work with and against one another to try and find out what makes a perfect lab. Their method? To merge two labs with different objects of interest in the hopes of uncovering and discovering questions and answers regarding Theatre-Games.
Throughout their week together, the …

Web Series: Your Place or Minecraft

Gina Hara, has been working in film for a long time, but her latest movie, Your Place or Minecraft, is her first time filming in-game. “I died several times shooting,” she tells me, laughing. “I refused to cut any corners. I didn’t film the flying scenes until my character developed the ability to fly.”
Your Place or Minecraft is the first Minecraft documentary web series ever made and details one of the world’s most modded Minecraft …

5a7 – Critical Creation

Critical Creation: Artistic and Narrative Research Practices for a Dystopic Military Narrative

Join us this Thursday for a 5a7 presentation of the research project led by Erin Gee.

Erin Gee is a member of TAG who practices as a media artist exploring digital voices in human bodies (and human voices in digital bodies) through creation of robotics, performance, video and sound based artwork.  Her latest project at TAG is a biosensor-driven VR game driven by biosignals that …

Brief Reflections on CGSA 2016

Last month I presented at the Canadian Game Studies Association (CGSA) annual conference at the University of Calgary. This was my first time attending, so here are a few words here about the experience.
CGSA combines together the benefits of big and small conferences. It’s attached to Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, which is huge, consisting of dozens of association sub-conferences, hundreds of talks/panels/workshops, and thousands of attendees. But each of the sub-conferences functions …

TAG Spotlight: Paloma Dawkins, artist in residence (Part 2 of 2)

This is the continuation of our post from last week, in which we interviewed Paloma Dawkins: game designer, animator, and TAG’s superstar artist in residence.
In Part 2, Paloma talks about going to GDC (Game Developer’s Conference), writing graphic novels, and what she has planned for the future
GDC badge, artistically modified and photographed by Paloma. Borrowed from her Twitter:
Q. What did you see at GDC that was the one really amazing thing?
Every year I go …

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