TAG 5A7: December Edition

December 03, 2015
5a7snowThe first snow has fallen and December is just around the corner. All too soon, both the holiday clementines and our lovely intern Remi will have come and gone before we know it! So, let’s appreciate those things while they’re still around!

For this month’s 5a7 we welcome December and say a heartfelt thanks and farewell to Remi Le Gallo, who has been with us since September and has helped the Lab run smoothly through our transition to the new space and, as it turns out, is an excellent blanket fort maker. Remi will be sharing his art, game prototypes with us, and maybe, if we’re lucky, a very special fortnightly tale…

WHO: All the TAGsters!
WHAT: Remi Le Gallo sharing his work and a wintry get-together
WHEN: December 3rd 2015, from 5PM to 7PM
WHERE: the NEW TAG lab, EV 11.435
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