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Le Solidaire

It was Tuesday afternoon and my supervisor, Bart Simon said, “You know what would be topical? A game about the charter.” I told him to give me 7 days and a little bit of money. Before he could say no, I ran out the door. I assembled a crack team of game makers. I promised […]

My First Day Minecrafing

It’s with some shame that I have to admit that I had never played Minecraft before yesterday. There was this one time when someone showed me the game, but I never returned to it. Now that our very own mLab has launched their own server with all sorts of interesting mods and everyone around me […]

Broken Age and Moral Dilemmas in Games

For a while now I’ve been interested in games that include ethical dilemmas or moral choices for players to explore. I’ve written about my own play experiences, taught classes on the topic, and have started a research project exploring how a variety of players think about game choices. The research started informally at first with […]

Brothers and the Socio-Materiality of Controllers

Blame it on the Halloween Steam sale or blame it on too much time doing administration. I had to play some games (we are talking Dark Souls here people… that’s how intense my admin life has become). Anyway I picked up Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons after Darren Wershler raved about it and reminded […]

Dishonored – Can systems have ethics?

Forgive me… it has been a few months since my last commentary on a game. Its not for lack of playing.  Reflecting on my kids and Minecraft is still ongoing but now I have finished Dishonored. Two and a half times. The first time I played it straight, the second time I went for low […]

Pippin Barr’s Mumble Indie Bungle

As you all probably know by now, TAG and the Department of Design and Computational Arts at Concordia will have the pleasure of receiving indie game designer Pippin Barr this summer. He’s our inaugural Visiting Game Designer and he’ll be here from May 1st to June 28th. Barr just released a set of games as […]