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CRITICAL HIT’s We Are Fine @ IndieCade 2015

Written by Team Sagittarius In early October, we received news from IndieCade that our game had been invited to be part of Intel’s “Gaming for Everyone” Pavilion. As you can imagine, we were quite ecstatic. Reality pulled us back though as our thoughts shifted to travel costs and transportation issues (mainly of how to safely […]


TAG’s blog series, FORTNIGHTLY TALES, continues. This week’s piece by Rémi Le Gallo – Le Manach was inspired by Little Inferno. It is a Halloween special from the crypt.     THE COAL One day, in the living room, the big family portrait burnt. Nobody knew how it happened. The father and the daughter were in the living […]

TAG at WearHacks

TAG members Amanda Tom and Milin Li went to WearHacks earlier this month, where they participated in the hackathon along with Critical Hit alumni Nicole Pacampara, and Annie Mao, a fellow student from Computer Science. WearHacks is the biggest wearable hackathon in North America that gives access to hardware, hosts workshops from industry guests and […]

Fortnightly Tales by Rémi

TAG’s new blog series, FORTNIGHTLY TALES, continues. This week’s piece by Rémi Le Gallo – Le Manach was inspired by Cookie Clicker. For over 5 weeks now, TAG has been playing Cookie Clicker. It’s been an unplanned, collective experience that has kept our attention, even sparked serious debates about what strategy is best to make the most cookies.  Next time […]

Halloween 5a7 – Horror Game Show&Tell

Start your Halloween at our horror-game themed 5a7, where we encourage you to come all dressed up. Do you know your scary games? The indie ones too? Do you remember Fatal Frame or Silent Hill? Have you played Until Dawn, Amnesia, Korsakovia, Year Walk or Lone Survivor? Bring games that are cool to play AND watch. We encourage horror costumes, […]

Exploring Mexico City’s DIY Electronic and Gaming Cultures

As Lynn posted about last week, a number of us traveled to Mexico City to participate in the Transitio_MX 06 Festival. I wanted to take some time and write a bit about some of the culture that I encountered there, as it relates very well (I think) to my own research interests and aligns rather […]

Fortnightly Tales by Rémi

Welcome to TAG’s new blog series: FORTNIGHTLY TALES by Rémi Le Gallo – Le Manach.  Rémi is visiting TAG from France where he studies, draws, writes and makes video games. Next time you pass by TAG, find him and ask him about games, he will be very happy to talk to you.     THE […]