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CHI sessions on Wednesday May 11th

Posted by Stephanie Bouchard

Storytelling & Perceptual Crossing

”ShadowStory: Creative and Collaborative Digital Story telling Inspired by cultural Heritage”
Fei Lu

”Designing For Perceptual Crossing to Improve User Involvement”
Eva Deckers

”Limits of Rereadability in Procedural Interactive Stories”
Alex Mitchell

Mobile Issues

”Telling Calls: Facilitating Mobile Phone Conversation Grounding and Management”
Sukeshini Grandhi

”Deep Shot: A Framework for Migrating Tasks Across Devices Using Mobile Phone Cameras”
Tsung-hsiang Chang

”Interaction Design for Mobile Product Recommendation Agents: Supporting Users’s decisions in Retails Stores”
Young Eun Lee

”Eye-Free Multitasking: The Effect of Cognitive loads on Mobile Spatial Audio Interfaces”
Yolanda Vazquez-Alvarez

Location Sharing

”I’m the Mayor of My House: Examining Why People Use Foursquare – a Social-Driven Location Sharing Application”
Janne Lindqvist

” In the Best Families: Tracking and Relationships”
Clara Mancini

”Opportunities Exist: Continuous DEiscovery of Places to Perform Activities”
Davis Dearman

”Location Visualization in Social Media Application”
Minna Pakanen

”When are Users Comfortable Sharing Locations with advertisers”
Patrick Kelley

Interaction on Mobile Devices

”ShadowPuppetsL Supporting Collocated Interaction with Mobile projector Using Hand Shadow”
Lisa Cowan

”DoubleFlipL A motion Gesture Delimiter for Mobile Interaction”
Jaime Ruiz

”Multi-User Interaction on Media Facades through Live Video on Mobile Devices”
Sebastian Boring

”Interaction with Magix LensesL Real-World validation of a Fitts’ Law Model”
Michael Rohs

”XpaaandL:InteractionTechniques for rollable Display”
Mohammadreza Khalilgeigi

”TapBack: Towards Richer Mobile Interfaces in Impoverished Context.”
Simon Robison