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Apr 20, 2018

Games as Research Symposium

Games as Research - It is as if you were doing work

Game design research has suffered as a result of being caught between epistemologies and disciplines that form only a partial fit to the concerns of design and research-creation. There is a great deal of literature about games from many perspectives, but game design research itself does not yet have deep foundations to rest on because it is unsure of what it is. At stake is nothing less than the ability to study game design in a way that acknowledges it specifically as a design practice.

This symposium brings together scholars, artists and practitioners from Canada and beyond who have been grappling with how to approach game design research in a design-native manner, i.e. as research-creation, research-through-design, or practice-based. Over the course of the day we will hear from diverse perspectives on what it means to study and think about game design through game design itself.

The symposium will take the form of short presentations by invited speakers on their own take on game design research, followed by general discussion.

– Laureline Chiapello, Université de Montréal
– Owen Gottlieb, Rochester Institute of Technology
– Stephanie Mader, Conservatoire national des arts et métiers
– Miguel Sicart, IT University of Copenhagen
– Gillian Smith, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
– Emma Westecott, Ontario College of Art and Design
– Robert Yang, New York University
– Rilla Khaled, Concordia University
– Jonathan Lessard, Concordia University
– Pippin Barr, Concordia University

EV 11.705 (The Milieux Resource Room)

Friday, 20 April 2018
9:30am – 5:30pm

Yes, please. Email to RSVP.

– 9:30am: Coffee and light refreshments
– 10:00am: Welcome and opening comments
– 10:10am: Introducing games as research
– 10:30am: Laureline Chiapello and Miguel Sicart
– 11:30am: Stephanie Mader and Owen Gottlieb
– 12:30pm: Lunch
– 2:00pm: Gillian Smith and Jonathan Lessard
– 3:00pm: Robert Yang and Emma Westecott
– 4:00pm: Coffee break
– 4:30pm: Round table
– 5:15pm: Closing comments