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Oct 03, 2013

October 3 5a7 Symposium – DTGMA and Boob Jam Game Showcase

This Thursday we’ll be showing off some of the games from last weekend’s jams, The Downtown Trimester Game-Making Adventure (DTGMA) and The Boob Jam, both of which were hosted at Concordia.

Breastfeeding bat: covers themes from both jams!

Breastfeeding bat: covers themes from both jams!

Some of the games that will be there include:

Mother Gear Solid by Stuart Thiel, Nick Kornick, Edoiard Blanc and Jessica Marcotte

Whack A Head ( temporary title) by Narf, “a multiplayer game where you smash your face on your iPhone screen to try to get a better score than the others. Anybody can play it in their phone browser (it’s a webpage app really, no install required).”The game will soon be available here:

And more!

What: Boob Jam/DTGMA Showcase
When: Thursday, October 3, 5-7pm
Where: Hexagram Game Lab, EV 11.425, 1515 St. Catherine W.
Who: Anyone is welcome!