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Nov 23, 2012 - Nov 25, 2012

Recursion 2012 Demoparty at Concordia
23-25th of November 2012
1515 St. Catherine W. (EV 6.720)

Recursion 2012 is a “demoparty”, a social event of the “demoscene”, an international avant-garde computer art subculture. Its main focus is a festive competition of “demos”: real-time multimedia artistic presentations, as well as computer music and graphics.

The demoscene is a dynamic community in Europe but less so in Northern America. Montreal has traditionally been one of its main centers with important demoparties such as NAID’95, NAID’96, Coma’99, Coma’00 and Coma’01 (the latter series organized by our own Jonathan Lessard).

Come participate or simply watch the competitions, chiptune music show or lectures. There is a “wild” competition that will accept anything from a cappella electronic music to overhead projector acetate 3D animation.

Signal to Droid by Northern Dragons

A few nice demos as example:
(There are video captures for those without a good PC)

//Unconventional 3D rendering (all surfaces rendered as particles)

//Procedural content generation (this awesome demo is less than 200k.)

//The sheer beauty of fractals
//(and also the program is 4K, less data than this blog post.)

//Text-mode beauty