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Nov 03, 2016

HTMlles: Montreal’s Feminist Festival of Media Arts and Digital Culture

For the first time TAG is teaming up with HTMlles, Montreal’s Feminist Festival of Media Arts and Digital Culture. HTMlles is taking place November 3th-6th. Please take a look at the program here.


Our very own Squinky (Mx. Dietrich Squinkifer) will kick off the festival with a workshop on Intimate Narratives in Twine. It will be a three-hour workshop in which participants will discuss themes of intimacy and care in the context of games and game culture. Squinky will introduce some basic skills that participants will need as they start working with Twine along with an overview of existing storytelling techniques and design patterns that either foster or hinder intimacy. Participants will leave with the knowledge that they need to tell their own interactive stories in Twine. See more about the workshop and sign up at here.


Participants are advised to bring a laptop/computer with the software “Twine 2” installed. The software can be downloaded from (Available for Windows, OS X and Linux). No prerequisite skills are needed.


When: 2 Nov. 1:00PM-4PM.
Where: Easten Bloc, 7240 Clark, Montreal
Free Admission
10-12 participants maximum
This course will be taught in English
Information | Registration : 514.845.7934 |
See more: Intimate Narratives In Twine

Thanks to Studio XX and Eastern Bloc for the collaboration