This summer we are planning something very special, that will help emerging game-makers to get to the next level! Whether you want to make your next game, make connections, learn about the industry, start your own indie-studio, or get a job at a AAA, we are here for you! GAMERella has been around since 2013, and as always, we invite women (cis/trans), trans men and non-binary/genderqueer folks, BIPOC, and any others who feel they haven’t reached their potential in game-making, to join GAMERella Global in a weekend of fun game-making.

JULY 9-11, 2021

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GAMERella Global 2021 is co-presented by EA Motive Studio

Further support was provided by Autodesk, Behaviour Interactive, Concordia University,
and the Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology.


Our partners are Global Game Jam and ZU-UK.