Join us on November 4-5 to make a game with the help of mentors in a safe and fun environment ! Montreal based game lab, TAG invites women (cis/trans), trans men and non-binary/genderqueer folks, people of colour, and any others who feel they haven’t had a chance to make a game, to join Gamerella in a weekend of fun game-making.

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LYNN HUGHES is a digital media researcher, artist and teacher who holds the Chair of Interaction Design and Games Innovation at Concordia University in Montreal. She was instrumental in the founding and financing of the Hexagram Institute for Media Art and Technology a major, interuniversity hub for new media research in Montreal (2001- network ongoing). In 2008 she founded, with Dr Bart Simon, the Technoculture, Art and Games (TAG) Research Centre and, most recently, the Milieux Institute for Art, Culture and Technology at Concordia University. Milieux brings together about 80 faculty researchers. It is a platform for creative experimentation and progressive imagination straddling new media arts/design and other disciplines –in particular, but not exclusively, the humanities. Lynn’s contributions since 2000 to interdisciplinary research centres reflect a belief that context is crucial and that interesting research and production springs from dynamic, flexible interdisciplinary places and people.

Lynn also curates. In 2012 she curated (with Heather Kelley and Cindy Poremba) a major, fully playable exhibition on game culture at the Gaîté lyrique in Paris. Joue le jeu / Play Along set out to position emerging game culture as absolutely central to contemporary Culture -as the broad, diversified, exceedingly dynamic and evolving cultural field it is becoming. Her own production focuses on the design of full body, hybrid physical/digital experiences in the area between participative theatre, new media art and games. With the TAG based team, Les Alts, she created Place des alts this summer- an urban audio-puzzle experience for cell phones and feet -for the Place des festivals in the heart of downtown Montreal. Alt-Ego, a costume based digital/physical game developed with Kaho Abe, Tony Higuchi and Jessica Blanchet is her latest project and is now ready for pubic testing.

Selected Projects

Place des alts:

Joue le jeu exhibition: