Do I need to sign up with a team or can I come alone?

You can sign up with a team that has already formed, but you can also come solo and join a team while you’re here. We’ll have a team-building session for anyone who hasn’t yet found a team. We also ask people who have formed their teams beforehand to consider adding a first-time jammer to the mix. If you have a team but are missing someone with a particular skill set, don’t worry, you will meet that person at the jam!

How many people per team?

There is no required number, but we suggest you stick to 2 or 4. Anything above 4 or 5 per team is not recommended as it can get a little chaotic. You can also make a game by yourself, if you’re up to the challenge! Join the GAMERella workshops to broaden your skill set.

I have a team and a game idea. Can I start now?

The guidelines for most game jams are as follows: if the theme is not secret (will be announced mid October), you may begin thinking of how you would like to approach making your game. All assets of your game should be original and preferably made during the jam. If you do not have a sound person on your team, generally it is okay to include pre-existing sounds form the internet which you have the rights to use.

Are there any free/easy tools I could use to make a game?

Yes, there are.

We recommend Twine an open source, free tool for telling interactive, nonlinear stories online. It is very easy to use and requires no coding knowledge.

Stencyl is another great tool to create games without code.
Just like Stencyl, GameMaker is also mostly drag-and-drop, but includes features allowing for more complex games with some basic programming.

There are also great free apps for making audio (Audacity, Tux Guitar, Otomata) and art (PyxelEdit) for your game.
Most probably these applications will be taught during our workshops!

I’m not available the whole weekend–can I just come by and check it out?

Yes! Come on by and see what people are up to! But try not to disturb their workflow…

What happens with the games?

All GAMERella participants who make a video game will be asked to upload their game to our itch.io jam site. It is free to register and easy to upload your game. Once uploaded, people can play your game anywhere in the world for free. If your game is a physical game and cannot be described by zeros and ones, our on-site photographer will help you create good-looking documentation and post that on the GAMERella / TAG sites. You can view and download photos from here and use it for your game’s glory. Make sure to credit TAG for the photos.

I’m not in Montreal, can I still participate?

Yes! You are welcome to upload your game to the GAMERella itch.io jam site.

In order to feel that you are really jamming with us, you can follow our Twitch stream, and if you have a stream of your own, we would be happy to create a video wormhole to connect your space and ours!

Is the space accessible by wheelchair?

Yes, the jam is on the 11th floor of the EV building at Concordia University. The building is wheelchair accessible via all of its entrances and the 11th floor is reachable by elevators located near the building entrances. In proximity to the space, there are gender-neutral washrooms that are also wheelchair accessible.