The first season of the GAMERella Podcast will feature interviews with a selection of alternative game jam founders and organizers from around the world. These 60-minute recorded conversations will present listeners with behind-the-scenes, narrative accounts of challenging, inspirational, and ordinary experiences that ensued during the process of game jam organizing. Desirée de Jesus, media scholar and previous GAMERella co-organizer, will conduct the interviews.

Listen to the first episode here!
Featuring Meredith Hall: AccessJam, Australia

Episode two is available here!
Featuring Sean Walton: Climate Jam, Wales

Episode three is available here!
Featuring Meena dos Anjos: Game Jam das Minas, Brazil

Episode four is available here!
Featuring Gina Hara & Courtney Blamey: GAMERella, Canada

Episode five is available here!
Featuring Tips for Game Jam Organizers around the World


View the manual here or download here

We created this booklet based on our experiences organizing an inclusive game jam and workshop series called GAMERella (named after iconic sci-fi space traveler Barbarella). In the last 6 years, we have developed methods for reaching out to communities who have never been involved with games before, making sure they feel safe and welcomed, and empowering them to pursue their game-making dreams in the future. We believe GAMERella is successful because our organizers listen to the people we aim to serve and work to address the needs that they identify. In this guide you will find a detailed breakdown of what we do.

This guide is free because we believe that everybody should have the opportunity to make games. Please feel free to share this booklet, but please credit us where credit is due. If you would like to create a GAMERella-branded jam, feel free to send us an email at But you are also welcome to make your own jam using this manual as a guide. Please email us if you have feedback to make this booklet better.

Thank you <3

Gina Hara
GAMERella Co-Founder

Desirée de Jesus
GAMERella Organizer