GAMERella Global 2021 Organizers:
Photo of Gina Hara

GINA HARA (she/her)
Co-founder and co-organizer
Gina is a nerdy filmmaker and artist. She is the co-founder of GAMERella and Montreal ‘s Magical Geek Brunch. Check out some of her short films and her Minecraft webseries on Youtube. You can also watch her documentary, Geek Girls, exploring the hidden half of nerd culture free on
Languages: English, Hungarian, Japanese


Photo of Courtney Blamey

Courtney is a PhD student in Communication at Concordia University. She believes making the formidable jump from higher education into any industry should be made as accessible as possible. Her research focuses on bridging the gap between players and developers in how meaning and values are communicated in games tackling meaningful topics – intending to make her own game to explore this relationship. She is a member of the mLab and TAG.
Languages: English, Basic French


Photograph of Nathalia in front of a white wall

Nathalia is a Computer Engineering Student at UFPE in Brazil, hackathon enthusiast, and co-founder of Hack GRRRL, a female-majority hackathon to promote women in tech. She’s interested in open source, welcoming communities, and playing games.
Languages: Portuguese, English, Basic Spanish, Basic German


Photograph of Hazel

Workshop Coordinator
Hazel is a visual artist and recent graduate of the Computation Arts program at Concordia. She works with art programs for children and teens and has been participating in game jams for the last six years. She especially values the interactive and transformative possibilities of games as a medium for both art and play.
Languages: English, French


Photo of Myloe among flowers

Myloe Martel-Perry (they/them)
Support Worker
Myloe is a recent graduate from Concordia’s BA in Interdisciplinary Sexuality with a minor in Women studies from the Simone de Beauvoir Institute. They have years of experience in community organizing and are currently working on a knowledge mobilization project for Concordia’s experiential learning centre that will streamline resources and processes for students, with a focus on the needs of 2SLGBTQ+ & Disabled students. They have also been with AGIR (Action LGBTQ Immigrant & Refugee) Montreal, for 4 years, currently providing individual support for members. They love creating popular education, program development and supporting individuals in their own empowerment through a harm-reduction and trauma- informed approach. Next on the horizon for them is a certification in permaculture design.
Languages: English, French


Photo of D with their tongue out, surrounded by anime characters

D Baescu
Support Worker
Rooted within DIY Zine, radio, and rave culture, D is a multidisciplinary artist and community organizer based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal. Drawn to the moments we share during the late night/early morning hours on sweaty dance-floors and deep web chat forums, D’s work emphasizes the alternative support networks that emerge from underground creative communities both online and IRL. Catch them dancing under a bridge or abandoned warehouse near you or spiralling into various esoteric conspiracies on late-night message boards.
Languages: English, Romanian, Basic French


Monochrome green photo of Michael wearing a medical mask

Community Manager
Michael is a PhD student in Concordia University’s Communication program whose research focuses on videogame afterlife, fandom, and intellectual property law. In his spare time, he makes frivolous videogame hacks, writes way-too-long TTRPG supplements, and fiddles around with old technology. You can find his work at and on Twitter at @WorldIsSquare.
Language: English


Photograph of Michael Li

MICHAEL LI (he/him)
Community Manager
Michael is a former member of TAG and currently working in Japan. He previously worked on a motion capture project involving VOCALOID and Kate Bush.He is interested in anything Japanese pop culture and is looking into the recent rise and popularity of VTubers.
Language: English, French, Japanese


Photo of Allysa

Allysa Tjon-Hing (she/her)
Social Media Manager
Allysa is an avid binge watcher, food enthusiast, and pop culture referencer. She’s always up for a challenge, especially when it comes to seeking creative solutions to problems. With over 3 years experience in the gaming industry, she’s excited to see how it evolves.
Languages: English, basic French, basic Japanese, basic Cantonese, basic Korean, and a little dutch.


Photo of Katelyn with a baseball cap

Katelyn Campbell (she/her)
Social Media Manager
Katelyn is a game design student at George Brown College with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Production from Ryerson University. Her favourite projects to work on and play are small, light-hearted games with strong narratives. She is interested in video game history and creating inclusive communities in and around video games.
Languages: English


Photo of Le Lin

LE LIN (he/they)
Graphic Designer
Le is a trans Teochew-Canadian multi-disciplinary artist, designer, activist, and researcher based in Tiohtiá:ke/Montréal. He is interested in new communication technologies as open and democratic instruments of social change.
Languages: English, French, Chinese, Japanese