GAMERella 2022 Organizers:

Photo of Hanine coming soon

HANINE EL MIR (she/her)
Hanine is an avid activist and an aspiring anthropologist. She holds a BA in English Literature and a BA in Media/Communications, with two minors in Film/Visual Studies and Arabic Language, from the American University of Beirut. She is currently pursuing an MA in Social & Cultural Anthropology at Concordia University. She works as a researcher, journalist, writer, and translator, and dreams of becoming a thesaurus one day. In her free time, Hanine tends to the community garden, cooks at a vegan solidarity kitchen, and makes games which you can find here.

Photo of Courtney Blamey

Courtney is a PhD student in Communication at Concordia University. She believes making the formidable jump from higher education into any industry should be made as accessible as possible. Her research focuses on bridging the gap between players and developers in how meaning and values are communicated in games tackling meaningful topics – intending to make her own game to explore this relationship. She is a member of the mLab and TAG.

Photo of Gina Hara

GINA HARA (she/her)
Co-founder and Consultant
Gina is a nerdy filmmaker and artist. She co-founded GAMERella in 20213 and run the jam for 9 years. This year she is consulting in remotely from Japan! Check out some of Gina’s short films and her Minecraft webseries on Youtube. You can also watch her documentary, Geek Girls, exploring the hidden half of nerd culture free at your local library.

Photo of Myloe among flowers

Myloe Martel-Perry (they/them)
Support Worker
Myloe works as the Youth and Community Engagement Coordinator for the Canadian Center for Gender and Sexual Diversity, creating programming for Queer and Trans youth. They are nerdy about plants, popular education, harm reduction and collective care!

Photo of Katelyn with a baseball cap

Katelyn Campbell (she/her)
Social Media Manager & Graphic Designer
Katelyn is a Game Designer and Video Editor based in Montreal. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Media Production from Toronto Metropolitan University, as well as a Postgraduate Certificate in Game Design from George Brown College. Her favourite projects to work on and play are small, light-hearted games with strong narratives. She is interested in video game history and creating inclusive communities in and around video games.