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Research & Creation

Changing Destination

Ingeborg Govaart

Changing Destination is about environmental issues and the impact a single person can have on his or her ecological footprint. That something has to change in our mentality and behaviour towards climate change is a fact. There are still obstacles that prevent the majority of the earth’s population from changing behaviour and political policies towards sustainability, which can also be driven by economic reasons. With this project I’m collecting data from my own life by observations of my own behaviour, the products I use and the food I eat and combine them with the experiences of other people. Changing destination is a interactive installation that shows that your lifestyle might not have an impact on your direct climate but it does on somebody else’s. The goal of the project is to change the “saving the earth” perspective to saving the human race. We need to learn to co-exist with the ecosystem that supports us. Through the installation participants are encouraged to rethink their view on climate change and environmental refugees.