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Solar Game (Boy) Jam Recap

As part of the Solar Media Project and in collaboration with TAG, Alex Custodio and Michael Iantorno put on a series of workshops this summer focused on solar-inspired Game Boy modding and homebrewing. Their efforts culminated in a day-long Solar Game (Boy) Game Jam where participants made games in GB Studio and played around with modded Game Boys!
While it was a fairly short game jam—running from 10:00am to 6:00pm on Friday August 26—a dozen participants …

Exile Game Jam

Hi from Copenhagen!
We just finished our game jam. We got this done in two days in a folk high school an hour outside of town. It was awesome… although there wasn’t a single girl out of 30-35 of us. I only worked on game design and I wrote the song because I can’t write code (didn’t tell them I couldn’t make music either). Here’s the trailer. I will put the game up soon.