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Variations – a project by Ida Toft

Posted by agustina

Ida Toft is a graduate student in the interdisciplinary PhD program (INDI) at Concordia University. Ida’s work reflects on how we cultivate differences in communal spaces while working in collaboration with interdisciplinary artists and game makers. As a TAG member, they explore games as technologies merging things, bodies, affects and affinities in specific space and time within a mix of automated and contingent environments.

Ida is currently working on a new iteration of the project “Variations” that will be exhibited at THEMUSEUM in Waterloo starting January 25th.

“Variations” is part of an exploration of games that make use of the vibrotactile actuator system called Vibropixels to inquire what games might look like if they favor the sense of touch and habitcality over the visual or auditory sense. The Vibropixel system is developed by Ian Hattwich and Chris Salter. See more about this technology here:

Variations” is a community of eggs that invites the player to move around them and explore how they change patterns and alter their relationships. Ida’s interest is focused on exploring vibration and touch as key senses for games and play.

As Ida explains: “Rather than denoting the exact meanings of the various vibra

tion patterns I am interested the range of associations, significance and affinities that emerges in the engagement between eggs and players”.