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Wednesday October 19 5a7: a Look Back

Posted by KevinF

Last night’s 5a7 was a great success.  Owen Livermore gave a brief talk regarding his research on the topic of the state of the videogame industry in 3 major game-producing hubs in Canada (Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal), and the connections between the industry and academia.  His work takes an interdisciplinary approach, and I’m particularly drawn to his idea of immaterial labour, which blurs the line (as if there ever was a line, really) between work and play, and although there is little presence of organization, it is believed that from the flexibility of the immaterial labourer’s present conditions. the possibility for formal change in working conditions can arise within the industry (I hope I got that right).

Other highlights included a fantastic discourse regarding Owen’s research, a great turnout of students, faculty, and friends, a good amount of laughter and discussion, and all the other joviality that normally accompanies our 5a7s.

Remember, there’s going to be another 5a7 next week.  I hope you can be there.  Have a great week.