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Oct 26, 2017

LEVEL UP X GAMERella present Pixel Art Workshop !

Level Up! workshop series continues with Dorian SRED, who will give us an introduction to the Pixel Art. The workshop will take place on Thursday, October 26th at the TAG. The workshop is organized in collaboration with GAMERella but you could assist to the workshop even if you don’t take part of the Jam. In any case, Please don’t forget to register!

Pixel Art

by Dorian SRED



This is an introductory workshop on pixel art, an art form from 80/90’s video games but still efficient and modernized. No need to know how to draw.
We will focus specifically on:

  • character design
  • different styles of pixel art/resolution/proportion
  • colors
  • animations
  • motion blur


The workshop will be taking place on Thursday, October 26th from 6 PM – 8 PM in 11.425 at the EV building of Concordia University (metro Guy-Concordia) (NB: We may change rooms depending on the size of the group).

Participants must bring:

  • A laptop with Aseprite (mac, pc, linux ; Free if you compile it or 14.99$).
  • A Mouse.

About the workshop leader:

DORIAN SRED is the co-founder of No_Cvt, an indie studio specialized on narrative games. After their master in music for visual arts, they started to create video games with their long time friend and collaborator Trevor Reveur. Making music, drawing pixelart, designing game mechanics, writing eccentric stories, questioning our gender-conforming society is all they love to do.
They are currently working on Void&Meddler, a queer cyberpunk game.