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Indie Games for Libraries (Project Report for the Knight Foundation)

Indie Games for Libraries
Project Report for the Knight Foundation, November 30th 2015
(A) Project objectives
The goal of the indie games for libraries project, housed at the Technoculture Art and Games (TAG) Research Center at Concordia University and made possible by a grant from the Knight Foundation, is to make independent digital (video) games available to patrons of library systems by fostering legal as well as technological relationships between libraries and independent video game …

Video Games in Libraries: An Ethnographic Study of Three Montreal Sites

by Kathryn Jezer-Morton, Concordia University
Produced for the Knight Foundation-funded

October 19, 2015
Over the past decade, video games have become an established part of library holdings, and video game programming is an increasingly popular way for libraries to attract young patrons (Adams 2009). While substantial research has shown evidence of the educational value of video games (Gee, 2012; Buchanan and Vanden Elzen, 2009; Schaffer, 2006), less is known about the extent to which libraries are exploring that …