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Humour and Games Podcast – Episode 2: How is Humor in Games Different?

Posted by Andrei Zanescu

Welcome back to the Humour and Games Podcast!
In this episode, we compare how humor in games works in similar or different ways to other media. Are games even unique when they structure jokes? Thinking through media ecosystems, humor conventions and mechanics, this episode considers the challenges of designing humor for play, as opposed to humor in other formats.
Available for you to listen at the ConnectingToGame website, on Apple Podcasts, or Spotify.
Featured Speakers: Dr. Pippin Barr,  Osama Dorias, Dr. Kishonna Gray, …

Humour and Games – Episode 1: Why Does Humour Matter?

Posted by Andrei Zanescu

Welcome to the first episode in the Humour and Games Podcast, sponsored by TAG! We’re thrilled to have you listen to this series focusing on the interplay of humour and games.
In this first episode, we explore general functions of humor in games. We consider different frameworks focusing on how humor works for different people. This episode’s interviewees discuss how politics shape humor, who is in on the joke and how cultural identity can impact humorous …

GAMERella Global 2021 Summary

Posted by courtneyblamey

It has been over a month since we closed the virtual doors on GAMERella Global back in July – and what an event it was!
“Diverse developers often feel alone, but at Gamerella you can find an inclusive space where you are celebrated for what makes you unique.” – Rachel Heleva (participant)
This jam was the first time GAMERella strived for a global audience, and it was certainly an undertaking to coordinate with participants all across the …

Character Design Workshop 🎮

Jun 28, 2021

Posted by Gina

Character Design
With Ying Ding
This workshop will showcase the character design process and the tools to achieve it in an efficient way. Any level is welcome! You will learn about shape languages, silhouette explorations and color. Feel free to bring your drawing tools, as we will do a sketch demo during the 2 hour workshop.
This event will have open captions available.

WHAT? workshop
WHEN? Monday, June 28th, 6:00pm
WHERE? For online link, please register here!
WHO? Everyone is welcome!

This …

GAMERella Global

Jul 09, 2021 - Jul 11, 2021

Posted by Gina

July 9-11, 2021
Online, available worldwide
This July, GAMERella organizers are planning an event to help emerging game-makers around the world get to the next level! Founded in 2013, GAMERella is a free, learner-friendly and supportive game jam, dedicated to finding ways to better serve people who are often excluded from traditional game-making spaces. The Global edition will feature new, playful and innovative structures rooted in research, experience and participant feedback of the past 8 years. Register …

Game Soundtrack Workshop 🎵

Jun 18, 2021

Posted by Gina

What Makes a Compelling Soundtrack?:
Storytelling through Music
With Emily Cheng (GISULA)
This workshop will be most useful for composers and musicians, but will also be informative for writers, developers, and anyone with an interest in learning about storytelling through music. All experience levels welcome!
Ever play a game and wonder how the music enhances the story so much? Or watch a movie and find yourself emotional upon hearing a tune, but not knowing why? People often say that …