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Workshop: The Spaces We Lost, and Nostalgia Recalled

Mar 18, 2023

Posted by kalervo

The Spaces We Lost, and Nostalgia Recalled.
Saturday March 18th, 2023                13:00-16:00
A continuation from the LOSTAGAIN Symposium 2023

Are you finding yourself constantly busy?

To take a break, we are LOSTAGAIN in the spaces of our technologies, but we are never able to catch up with them.
They are everywhere and can take us anywhere. In return for the space to nostalgize and remember, we have allowed the speed of connections and technologies to …

Talk: Andrei Zanescu on Blockbuster Resonance in Games

Mar 09, 2023

Posted by kalervo

On March 9th, TAG member and PhD Communications Candidate Andrei Zanescu is giving a talk about his research on cultural simulation, blockbuster resonance and the filmic logics that shape AAA game-making.

We often hear makers say, “we wanted our game to resonate with audiences.” Likewise, we as audiences often express our recognition or enjoyment of a media product by stating how it resonates with us. However, what audiences and makers mean by resonance is not always …

The Games Institute Speaker Series 1: Elaine Gómez-Sanchez

Feb 23, 2023

Posted by marlajeunesse

Join us at TAG for a live watch party of Elaine Gómez-Sanchez’ talk, “The Impact of Genuine and Mindful Inclusion of Marginalized Communities in Creative Works.” She will speak to how gaming has the power to destroy the perpetuation of stereotypical perceptions and will explain how games can be designed to create social impact in meaningful ways.

All are welcome.
Snacks will be served.
February 23, 2023
1:00 to 3:00 pm.

Bad Game Arcade

Jan 23, 2023 - Jan 27, 2023

Posted by kalervo

Are educational games bad?
Educational games are made with different goals than most commercial titles. How does this help and hinder these games and the design processes behind them? The Bad Game Arcade investigates these and other question with interviews, roundtable discussions, panels, and games made for learning. Many, many games made for learning. Educational games are being made by non-profits, universities, libraries, and game companies. It’s time for them to be talking and showing their …

GAMERella 2022

Dec 03, 2022 - Dec 04, 2022

Posted by kalervo

GAMERella is the world’s longest running annual game jam and workshop series focusing on supporting marginalized game creators and aspiring game makers. Our next edition is planned for December 3-4,  2022.

Every year, GAMERella creates opportunities to meet all types of people (including those who support underrepresented folks in the industry) who are interested in game development. Many people still feel intimidated by the gaming scene and find it difficult to participate in events like game …

GameBling Game Jam 2.0

Feb 11, 2023 - Feb 12, 2023

Posted by kalervo

The GameBling Game Jam is back for a second edition and it’s all about luck this time!
The outcome of some gambling games relies on pure probability (i.e., slot machines, lotteries), while others involve a bit of skill (e.g., poker, mahjong). But for many gamblers, the odds of winning are also up to luck.
Luck is the magic that takes gambling from a question of probabilities to the perception of something that can be controlled. Perceived this …