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Past Events

Aug 03, 2022 - Aug 17, 2022

WORKSHOP: Toki Pona – The Language Of Good

Toki Pona is one of the world’s largest and most well-known conlangs or ‘constructed languages’. It was created in 2001 by Canadian Sonja Lang, and has since grown rapidly in popularity, in mostly online spaces. 

Owen Hellum (UG Computation Arts) will be leading a three-part Toki Pona workshop for anyone interested in picking up this hyper-easy language! We will be meeting in TAG, around our famous red table, on Wednesdays at 3pm for an hour and learn, practice, discuss, and think about Toki Pona! The first session is the beginner class, class two is intermediate, then the final class three will present our advanced curriculum.

But why is Toki Pona so cool??

It’s uniqueness and allure comes from the fact that it uses only 120-137 original words and only 14 sounds/letters. Relying on context and word combination, Toki Pona speakers are able to communicate statements, questions, commands, and even write poems. Equally a philosophy of life as a method of communication, the language emphasizes simplification, mindfulness, humour, and thinking before you speak. Some examples include jan pona meaning “good person” or “friend”, tenpo suno meaning “Sun time” or “day”, or even telo nasa meaning “funny water” or “alcohol”. Toki Pona is a carefully constructed language, allowing its minimal rules to be bent and adapted to its speakers. It is designed to be accessible from any language background, both in pronunciation and grammar, and is relatively easy to learn.


WORKSHOP #1 Wednesdays, August 3 – 3-4pm EST
WORKSHOP #2 Wednesdays, August 10 – 3-4pm EST
WORKSHOP #3 Wednesdays, August 17 – 3-4pm EST 

WHAT? 60-minute workshop
WHO? All TAG and Milieux members are invited

Aug 18, 2022

TALK: Yiou Wang

On August 18th, TAG Research Artist in Residence Yiou Wang will give a talk on her research-based artistic practice divided into 40% past and 60% future lines of thought.

Following a short reflection into her research projects on maze game mechanism and more-than-human agency in video game, CG, and VR, Yiou Wang will expose some of her research-creation methodology of her 2022-23 master’s thesis Ludius Loci as an approach to the dynamic, and hence temporal, nature of space and game as a means of spatial thinking and production. Furthermore, she will present the ongoing research-creation “Morphai” that possibly reverses the notions of avatar and gamer across states of dreaming and wakefulness, and expand on its implications on mind-body relations in the future.

Yiou Wang is a multimedia artist, designer and metaverse architect with social science and design backgrounds, currently a Master of Architecture student at Harvard University. Spanning across mazes, games, and transmedia storytelling, Yiou is interested in game mechanisms intersecting transhuman and nonhuman agency – spatial, biological, environmental. Yiou is working on her thesis Ludius Loci, a series of speculative architecture games, and she is in residence at TAG in the summer of 2022, working with Prof. Martin French and Prof. Chris Gibbs.

WHAT? talk + Q&A
WHEN? 4-5pm, August 18th.
WHERE? In-person in the TAG Lab main space (EV11.435) + live streamed on Discord
WHO? everyone is invited

Aug 26, 2022

Solar Game (Boy) Jam

As part of the Milieux Solar Media Project and in collaboration with TAG, Michael Iantorno and Alex Custodio are organizing a series of workshops this summer, culminating in a day-long Solar Game Boy Game Jam on August 26. The most up-to-date details can be found on the Solar Media website:

All participants are welcome, no matter your level of experience with circuits, hardware hacking, or game design! To offer the tools to experiment with prototyping, we’ll be hosting three workshops throughout the summer in advance of the Game Jam.

While participation at the Game Jam is not contingent upon attending the workshops, we strongly encourage these short sessions for folks who have not previously experimented with GB Studio and/or Game Boy game development.

Key Dates

  • July 11: GB Studio Tutorial + Makey Makey Basics
  • July 25: Game Boy Hardware Hacking
  • August 15: Let’s Make a Solar Powered Game Boy
  • August 26: Solar Game (Boy) Jam

Registration and other details

All events are open to TAG, Milieux, and Solar Media Collective members.

Email michael.iantorno[at] if you would like to sign-up to attend the Game Jam (registration required for team-making purposes). No registration is necessary for the workshops.

To protect the vulnerable members of our community, masking is mandatory for all four of the events, including the play-test on the terrace.

Please keep an eye on this page for more information!

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