Pixelles Follow-Along

Pixelles held a game incubator from January to March 2013 that I followed remotely. I planned to do as much as I could of what the incubator participants were doing and ended up with a game by the end of it. This page chronicles my progress and posts about the experience. I thought it would be helpful to keep this accessible for future Pixelles, so that they can see what it was like to do the program for me in the moment.

Gathering my tools.

In which I make my first ever game using Stencyl!
If you just want to play my game, click here.

In which I make a design document and a sprite, and also talk a bit about why Global Game Jam 2013 and my birthday are to blame for my getting behind on my homework.

In which I get a lot of art done but fail to implement actual gameplay.
If you just want to play what I have so far, click here.

In which I manage to finish nearly everything on my list that I didn’t get to finish last week. Whoo!
If you just want to play the game so far, here it is.

In which I go on vacation but manage to colour my sprites and add an end to the test level, but also manage to introduce a bug to my world map.
No preview of the game this week, you’ll have to wait until it’s all over in…

In which, despite finding so many bugs, I finally send my game off to the ladies over at Pixelles and talk a bit about the past week.
No game preview this week! Come to the Showcase instead! (We’ll see about putting it up on the internet afterwards).

Here’s a retrospective about the experience, anticipating the game showcase on March 9th 2013!

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