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Games and the Digital Humanities @ Congress 2018

Like many scholars from TAG, I had the privilege of visiting the Prairies last month to attend the annual Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities. However, unlike the rest of Concordia’s contingent, I did not apply through the Canadian Game Studies Association (CGSA). Lured by the prospect of poster presentations and digital demonstrations, I joined forces with the Canadian Society for Digital Humanities (CSDH), where I presented my prototype ludomusicological database GameSound. While I …

Brief Reflections on CGSA 2016

Last month I presented at the Canadian Game Studies Association (CGSA) annual conference at the University of Calgary. This was my first time attending, so here are a few words here about the experience.
CGSA combines together the benefits of big and small conferences. It’s attached to Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences, which is huge, consisting of dozens of association sub-conferences, hundreds of talks/panels/workshops, and thousands of attendees. But each of the sub-conferences functions …