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TAG Profiles: Skot Deeming

TAG Profiles is a blog series that explores the work of current TAG scholars. Skot Deeming is a doctoral candidate in Concordia’s Individualized (INDI) program, as well as an artist and curator.
Could you give me a brief overview of your doctoral research?
My research focuses on toys in the late twentieth century and early twentieth century. I’ve been charting the rise of the action figure as a cultural form and how, in the mid-2000s, it mutates  …

TAG Wiimote Wiikend, Saturday Oct. 17 – Monday Oct. 19

TAGgers will be getting together with some invited artists/designers/hackers to tear apart some wiimotes and reassemble them into our own wonderfully twisted projects. If you want to participate for the entire workshop, send a short project proposal and bio to metamanda AT (Or simply email me if you have any questions.) If you want to drop by and see what’s going on, feel free.
What: Not a meeting of experts, rather a gathering of people …