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Taking Another Look At The Victorianator

In 2011, the Ludic Voice Team, headed by Jason Camlot, created a game with the goal of exploring gesture and Victorian elocution practices. Articles in Wired and the Globe and Mail couldn’t quite agree on what the app made players sound like, but it was somewhere between actually Victorian, Steampunk and Ian McKellen.
Maybe I don’t have a voice that lends itself well to being Ian McKellen, but my experience was fairly different from any of …

TAG Research update, Monday, 25 January 2010

The G3 research team are preparing for their first field research session this coming weekend. They are planning to snowball the initial research sessions- a program of microethnographies of gestural game-play- into an expanded array of game players. They have an ongoing request for people who are willing to be interviewed and videotaped while playing games on the Wii digital game console.
Amanda got a few more gestural input mechanisms prototyped on the “modular pong prototyping …