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TAG Profiles: Rebecca Waldie

TAG Profiles is a blog series that explores the work of current TAG scholars. Rebecca Waldie is a PhD student in Concordia’s Communication program and a recent graduate of the Media Studies (MA) program. She is also one of TAG’s two student representatives.
You recently completed your master’s degree and are now a year into your PhD. What are your research interests?
When I entered the program, my original intent was to expand upon my master’s work …

Mini Maker Faire Montreal

Day one of Mini Maker Faire Montreal is over and has been very successful. TAG colleagues Joachim Despland, Carolyn Jong, Bronson Zgeb and myself were there to set up the Bisarro Game Controller’s booth . Amanda Williams, of Wylde Collective had her controllers set up, alongside her booth. Roberta Voulon and Etienne Caron set up their Arcade Royale featuring games from several local indie developers. The team included several members involved in projects funded by …