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Broken Age and Moral Dilemmas in Games

For a while now I’ve been interested in games that include ethical dilemmas or moral choices for players to explore. I’ve written about my own play experiences, taught classes on the topic, and have started a research project exploring how a variety of players think about game choices. The research started informally at first with students doing class assignments, but then Carolyn Jong and I conducted in-depth interviews with players a couple of years ago, …

February 15 5a7 Symposium

For next week’s 5a7 Symposium Thorsten Busch will be holding an informal discussion on the design of moral choice and ethical dilemmas in video games. More details below:
Title: “Moral choice in video games?”
Abstract: Many video game companies use “moral choice” as a promotional bullet point on their games. But most of them actually don’t present players with convincing, mature moral decisions. Instead, players usually only get to make “good vs. evil” decisions, mostly in the …