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Ontological vs Analytical Frameworks

I recently read through Sebastian Möring’s excellent article “The Metaphor-Simulation Paradox in the Study of Computer Games” (2013), and it got me to thinking about how easily discussions of analytic and ontological frameworks bleed into each other (not to accuse of Möring of this – more on that later).
Möring’s argument starts from three observations: 1. that the concepts of simulation and metaphor are often used in textual and conceptual proximity to each other, 2. “metaphor” …

Nintendogs as Companion Species

So I have been scrambling to get my abstract finished for a conference I want to go to in May in Cardiff.  I am rather excited about this project after 48 hours of (re)playing Nintendogs, reading Haraway and looking at Nintendogs Youtube videos. I thought I would share in case any of you had two cents to toss in before I forget about this again until March.  Check it out –