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The Charming Asymmetry of Root

Despite quite enjoying my first game of Root: A Game of Woodland Might and Right, I found myself scratching my head as the game session drew to a close. The marauding Marquise de Cat had, to put it bluntly, utterly annihilated the other three factions, winning by a comfortable margin of ten points. My imperial bird armies had performed admirably in the face of this feline onslaught, despite grappling with their fair share of internal …

Gloomhaven: Rip it into Pieces

Over the first two play sessions of Gloomhaven, my group found themselves completely incapable of following one of the game’s core rules. Gloomhaven made a request of us that none of us were willing to complete – a blasphemous task that flew in the face of all of our previously acquired board game etiquette. It asked us to rip a card into pieces.
“What if someone else wanted to play the game after us?” “What if …