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Promises: Tales From the Making

This summer, my game Promises was one of the works included in Hexagram’s campus exhibition at Ars Electronica in Linz. Promises is part of my doctoral research in which I explore what kinds of games become possible when featuring vibration as the primary expression instead of for instance screen and sound. Promises is a computationally simple game. It accommodates up to 16 players and is organized around 16 game objects that each have a unique …

Mia Consalvo, Kelly Boudreau and Jen Whitson presenting at IR14 in Denver this week

This week, Mia Consalvo, Kelly Boudreau and Jen Whitson are trekking to Denver to speak at the Association of Internet Researchers conference, IR14.  The theme of the conference is resistance and appropriation.

Mia is a panellist for a session on October 25th talking about the future of Internet Studies and critically assessing how we scholars have contributed to the field. The panellists will tackle questions such as: What have we properly included? What has been neglected? …

Code as Control

Last week, I found myself in Hamburg locked in a room for two days with 16 strangers. Our mission was to tackle the question “What is code and how does it control us?”. I loathe team building exercises, but really, I was more frightened about the complete lack of presentations and roundtables. Without this safety net, I was unsure of how this whole thing was going to go down. I predicted a crash-and-burn of epic …