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TAG Computer-Building Workshop Recap

TAG members working away on a computer chassis.
Modern research labs, like so many other businesses and institutions, accumulate large collections of deprecated computer equipment as their needs change and technology advances. As old gets swapped out for new, remnants from previous technological eras collect in the dusty corners of workspaces. Bricked hard drives, slow video cards, and beleaguered processors get shoved into closets, awaiting their eventual disposal. However, not all these computer parts are without …

Bizarro Game Controllers Studio at TEI 2011

At long last, some documentary video from Eric Kabisch’s and my Bizarro Game Controllers studio, held at TEI 2011. It looks like a crazy hackathon, but in fact, some people attending had no experience with hardware, and some couldn’t really program — since we convinced people to form groups to work together, each group had a range of skills and were all able to put together something fun and interesting. All this stuff was made …