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18 Feb – TAG Speaker: Chaim Gingold “The Evolution of Spore”

Posted by saleem

Chaim Gingold will tell the story of how he was adopted by a band of crazy ninja programming geniuses, science nerds, and design renegades, narrate the intergalactic battle between cute and science, and explain some of how the software that makes people make creatures was made. The talk will be at the Hexagram Resource room EV11.705 at 1:15 PM on the 18th of February.

Chaim Gingold is a computer scientist and interactive designer by training. By trade, he is a computer game designer & digital toymaker. He studied with Janet Murray at Georgia Tech, where he earned an MS in Digital Media. A long term associate of and collaborator with Will Wright, Gingold was a key member of Spore’s prototyping & concept team, and designed the game’s award winning creative tool suite. He has published articles and spoken around the world on game design, prototyping, and play. Currently, he works as an independent game developer & design consultant in Berkeley, California.