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Opportunity For Students – 2012 GRAND / Funcom Games Initiative

Posted by janetingley

This is a great initiative that has been organized by the GRAND NCE in association with Funcom here in Montreal.  Deadline is April 20th and TAG and Concordia folks should most certainly apply.  You don’t have to member of GRAND to do this so spread the word to any and all game design students…


2012 GRAND / Funcom Games Initiative – Calling all artists, designers, animators and programmers
Funcom have partnered with GRAND to create a unique and exciting new pilot program for students looking to break into the world of Game Development. The 2012 GRAND / Funcom Games Initiative, invites Canadian students to take part in an exciting summer project, to be hosted at Funcom’s Montreal Studio. The project gives students an opportunity to work on an unique prototype project that will introduce them to the workings of a modern games studio.

Applications are now open for all eligible students.  Application deadline is April 20. Details can be found here:

Funcom see this initiative as part on our ongoing commitment to supporting the educational establishment, and helping to build a successful partnership that will present students with unique opportunities to experience Game Development, and prepare them for their future careers.

GRAND is a federally-funded Network of Centres of Excellence in graphics, animation and new media. Through developing technology solutions, training the next generation of talent and encouraging a robust policy environment, GRAND plays a pivotal role in supporting Canada’s National Digital Economy Strategy.