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Summertime Fun, Conference Style

Posted by Carolyn

Next week a small contingent of TAG members will be heading to Waterloo, ON for the annual Canadian Game Studies Association (CGSA) conference. The conference covers all things gaming-related, and is part of the Congress 2012 of the Humanities and Social Sciences, which runs from May 26-June 2 at Wilfred Laurier and the University of Waterloo. Speakers from TAG include Thorsten Busch, Adam Van Sertima, Leif Penzendorfer, Will Robinson, Salvador Garcia-Martinez, and myself (Carolyn Jong). The preliminary schedule is available here:

Two weeks later (June 13-15) I’m off to the Games+Learning+Society conference in Madison, Wisconson, where I’ll be presenting a paper on the Kinectimals study I did last summer for the Digital Games for Learning and Training (DiGLT) project, as well the literature review I co-authored with Salvador. The conference is in it’s eigth year and all three days are going to be jam-packed with presentations from the game-based learning (GBL) community and its associated fields. Here’s the program for anyone who’s interested: