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26 Nov – TAG Speaker: Genviève Lord “Looking for Loot”

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On November 26th  Genviève Lord will be giving a talk titled “Looking for Loot” at 1 PM in the Hexagram Resource Room (EV 11.705). Join us for the last TAG talk of the semester for an engaging and audience involving talk before you head off for winter break!

If life is an RPG, where is the plan, who sets the goals? Diverse thoughts and anecdotes on life in games.

With a programming background complemented by a Mc Gill MBA (IT, International business), Genevieve was IT consultant, manager and director for 11 years, while living in 5 countries. She then became a game producer and senior game director for Ubisoft and A2M in Montréal. Since 2007 she has been industry liaison and then Branch Director for the Champlain College of Vermont in Montréal.

Geneviève‘s special interests are coaching and all applications of new media. When not working she can be found on a good book (history, fantasy, science fiction, literature and European comics) or playing games (RPG, MMOS, platform and casual). Geneviève is committed to assisting people reach their full potential by harnessing the positive effects of new technologies, as well as helping games reach their full potential as a new media.