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5 á 7 Symposium- Lumines vs Spartans

Posted by Adam

Just a reminder for this Wednesday’s weekly symposium at 5PM at TAG lab(EV 11. 425, Concordia University)

September 15: Lumines is the game of choice for the night. Saleem has undertaken to bring in Halo: Reach, as well.

Next week:

September 22: Amanda is going to be demoing Propinquity for some feedback before she goes off to Copenhagen to show off her work. (


On the announcement for next week, can you add that Cindy will be
leading a drinking game design session (“a practice-based
investigation into embodied gameplay using a hybrid chemical
interface”)? Sorry I didn’t mention it sooner, it kinda came up on a
whim, and judging from last week it worked well to have two activities
happening in parallel. Plus — if people are liquored up my demo will
go over better.


BYOB & see you there!