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5a7 – Critical Creation

Posted by Gina
Critical Creation: Artistic and Narrative Research Practices for a Dystopic Military Narrative

Join us this Thursday for a 5a7 presentation of the research project led by Erin Gee.

Erin Gee is a member of TAG who practices as a media artist exploring digital voices in human bodies (and human voices in digital bodies) through creation of robotics, performance, video and sound based artwork.  Her latest project at TAG is a biosensor-driven VR game driven by biosignals that correspond with emotional engagement.  The game’s protagonist is a vocaloid, a synthetic-voiced pop star, in a dystopic military narrative that combines reality television with weapons of war.  This presentation will feature the research practices of her team members – Roxanne Baril-Bédard, who will present her narrative research and ludography of counter-terrorist military games in construction of this game’s militainment-driven narrative – and Marlon Kroll, will present his artistic methods for creating its glitch-surrealistic “battlefield”.  The public is invited to give feedback on this work in progress, and to discuss methods of group research in the context of critical game making.

WHERE? TAG Lab (Concordia EV 11.435)
WHEN? August 18th, 5-7pm
WHO? Everyone!