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Anime Streaming Platform Wars – PLATFORM LAB Report

Posted by aureliepetit

The Platform Lab is proud to present its first Lab report Anime Streaming Platform Wars edited by Aurélie Petit, which tackles streaming platforms from the angle of anime, one of the prime contents used to gather viewers and subscribers, and their dollars and data. Focused on the circulation of anime on transnational platforms, this report addresses the rush, over the past decade, for streaming platforms to invest in anime and its audience, up to the point where anime has become a necessary market to take into account when discussing the global streaming ecology. With contributions from Dr. Marc Steinberg, Jacqueline Ristola, Elena Altheman, Santino Ciarma, Colin Crawford and Victoria Berndt.

The full report can be found here on our website, or you can download the PDF here.

We hope readers find this overview helpful. Streaming is a complex field, increasingly determining cultural consumption and production. This is a first foray into anime’s place in it, with more to come.