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April 28 5a7 – Overcoming the Visual Interface

Posted by kalervo

Tomorrow’s 5á7 will feature a presentation by scholar and game designer Lauren Burr, who we’ve brought in from Waterloo to tell us all about the development of her new aural locative game engine, the HATengine. HATengine represents a conceptual shift in locative gaming, where the user is encouraged to interact far more with their environment than their screen. The event will take place in the Resource Room and there will be wine & cheese served afterwards. All are welcome!

WHO: Lauren Burr of Waterloo’s Games Institute
WHAT: Come hear about the genesis of HATengine as well as its first game HATfinder!
WHEN: April 28 2016, from 5PM to 7PM
WHERE: The Resource Room, EV 11.705