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Posted by Jess

As part of the Festival Montreal Joue and Nuit Blanche, the Arcade Royale is on tour for the next two weeks!

The Mont Royal Gaming Society will be taking the Royale to Bibliotheque St Henri from Feb. 23 – Mar 2, and to Bibliothèque Jean-Corbeil from Mar 3 – 10. Quite a few great games will be available to play, including “Game Game Video Game” by TAG’s own Joachim Despland, as well as…

Fuzzer by Henk Boom
Greedy Piggy Chase by Neverpants Studio
Pax Britannica by  No Fun Games
SWOOOORDS! by Kenny Backus
Thrustburst Arcade by Umlautgames
Verteidiger by Kenny Backus
Volkenessen by Les Collégiennes

The Arcade Royale will also be making an appearance at SAT’s Nuit Blanche festivities on March 2nd, which is an incredible space with, as TAG has discovered, the comfiest couches in existence and an amazing hemispherical screen.

TAG’s Joachim Despland also accompanied The Arcade Royale and MRGS to City Hall this Tuesday as part of the inauguration of the Montreal Joue festival. TAG is happy to see such a great festival taking place in Montreal and we hope we’ll see you out at the events!

For more information on the festival program, visit the Montreal Joue page. For more information on SAT’s Nuit Blanche, check out SAT’s Nuit Blanche festivities facebook event page.