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Capes, not Cloaks!

On March 9, we made some capes! We made them not just for the love of fashion (although they are pretty stylish), nor to show off our sewing skills (check out that hood!), but to use in our upcoming playtest.
The Liveness research group has been working on a participatory experience for the last couple of years. We had to go virtual for COVID but that didn’t stop us from meeting very regularly for in-depth discussions …

Symposium: Liveness at Play

Join us to talk about…
What is liveness?
How do we do liveness?
This event is part of the weeklong planning session for the new SSHRC project “Scaling Liveness in Participatory Experiences” which looks at “liveness” across three different but neighboring practices: participatory theatre, larps (live action role playing games) and digital-physical games.
Lynn Hughes and Bart Simon, co-founders of TAG, head up the project with their Concordia collaborator, Noah Drew (Theatre) along with the main PhD researcher …