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Capes, not Cloaks!

Posted by jodeeallen

On March 9, we made some capes! We made them not just for the love of fashion (although they are pretty stylish), nor to show off our sewing skills (check out that hood!), but to use in our upcoming playtest.

The Liveness research group has been working on a participatory experience for the last couple of years. We had to go virtual for COVID but that didn’t stop us from meeting very regularly for in-depth discussions on design criteria and related research questions.

In the game, players form teams of three: a buyer, a peddler, and a flaneur. (We think the flaneurs will be the lucky ones who will get to wear the capes.) They encounter invisible layers in the real world around them as they discover stories of collectors and collections. The teams then build their own, unique collections and story worlds.

Here are pictures of some members of the Liveness group, Scott DeJong, Courtney Blamey, Lynn Hughes and JoDee Allen, wearing their creations.

We are very excited to be in the early playtesting phase of the production (name coming soon!)

Our next playtest is coming up in early April. Maybe we will see you there?