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TAG Podcasts – Arcade 11 Interview with Abbie Rappaport

Posted by michaeliantorno

Arcade 11 presents games and playful media made by members of the Technoculture, Art, and Games (TAG) Research Centre at Concordia University. As part of the 2019 event, Mariko MacDonald and Michael Iantorno hosted interviews with various game developers, makers, and playtesters.
Abbie Rappaport is a multimedia artist from Toronto who works primarily in drawing, painting, digital art, print media and installation. Currently, they are an INDI (Individualized) Masters student researching the esports community for Super …

Can we study pain under the light of play?

Oct 01, 2019 - Oct 02, 2019

Posted by Naj Mahani

Can we build ‘virtual’ communities for healing by creativity?
Can we design innovative information and communication technologies for participatory research of chronic pain through play?
Play the Pain explores the feasibility of digital creative therapies.
One in every five of us is suffering chronic pain–this quintessential source of medical and social innovation. But why has medicine not found a cure yet for many conditions that disable and isolate us?

Pain researchers admit that pharmacological sciences are limited: ‘Pain is a …

Beasts of Balance – Like Jenga, But With Chimeras

Posted by michaeliantorno

When cracking open the box for Beasts of Balance, two things quickly become apparent.
First, it is immediately obvious that the physical elements of the game have been constructed lovingly. The box contains half a dozen animals, a collection of abstracted elemental pieces, and two sets of platforms — all beautifully molded out of lightweight plastic. The aesthetic for Beasts of Balance seems to be that of faux-origami, with the game pieces boasting broad flat edges, …

QGCon 2020 Call for Submissions

Posted by Jess

In partnership with TAG and Milieux, QGCon will be returning to Concordia University on May 23rd and 24th, 2020.
Our call for submissions is now open until October 15th. We accept games, talks, workshops, round tables, panels, and are open to experimental formats, too!
You can find more information about our Call for Speakers and Call for Games here.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Workshop: Designing Creative Voice Bots

Oct 03, 2019

Posted by ceyda

by Nicole He
In this workshop, we’ll discuss the history of speech recognition and speech synthesis, learn the basics of conversational design, and then create our own creative voice bots. We’ll learn how to appropriate corporate technology to make experimental, strange, or subversive voice assistants.
Nicole He is a programmer and artist based in Brooklyn, New York, currently making videogames, including an upcoming sci-fi voice-controlled game with the National Film Board of Canada. She has worked as …

DiGRA 2019 – A Cicada Filled Dream

Posted by jessie

In early August 2019, I had the incredible, once in a lifetime opportunity to travel across the globe to Kyoto, Japan with a group of other TAG students for the 2019 Digital Games Research Association Conference (DiGRA) held at Ritsumeikan University from August 6-10th. The conference had over 400 attendees from around the world, featured eight different tracks of talks and three highly engaging keynote presentations. It was my second conference experience and though I …