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Workshop: Animation in Unreal Engine

Oct 06, 2022

Posted by kalervo

Animation in Unreal Engine

This workshop will cover character animation basics in Unreal Engine, and is aimed at beginners on the topic. A basic understanding of what rigging & skinning is is assumed but not required. Beginner-level experience with Unreal Engine is highly recommended.
In the workshop we will cover importing a provided skinned character into Unreal, some of the basics of Unreal’s control rig, how to add the character to a level sequencer and play animation …

LOST/AGAIN: A Symposium on Digital Nostalgia

Feb 04, 2023

Posted by kalervo

Nostalgia reminds us of a past that was and could have been (Boym 2001). In a place of lost possibilities, of those we’ve lost touch, and memories of losses…What do we also lose or throw away in the present in order to be nostalgic?

LOSTAGAIN is a hybrid gathering of scholars and artists thinking about the tools we use today to access the nostalgia of our past that asks, “What if we could use these tools …

Making Japanese Anime Games

Jan 30, 2023

Posted by kalervo

Did you know there were anime games made in Montreal? Come meet CyberConnect2 (Naruto STORM, Demon Slayer) VP Taichiro Miyazaki and art director Yohei Ishibashi at an event co-hosted by TAG and the Concordia Game Development Club! CyberConnect2 will introduce their studio, the artistic ins and outs of anime game development in Japan and Montreal, and their experience with indie publishing.

WHAT: Seminar on Anime Games by CyberConnect2
WHEN: Monday, January 30, 13:45-15:45
WHERE: Milieux Resource Room, EV11.705

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible: The convergence of embodiment and interactivity in themed entertainment

Feb 17, 2023

Posted by kalervo

On February 17th, Milieux Undergraduate Fellow Chip Limeburner will give a talk on their research into the emergence of interactive technologies in theme parks.

As interactivity has become an ever more important part of the theme park experience, interactive technologies deployed within parks have gravitated towards only a handful of proven platforms, eschewing thematic fit in favour of design expediency. This presentation will outline an ongoing research project examining the motivations for themed tangible interactivity, and …

Humour and Games Podcast – Season 2 – Interview 1: Jaako Stenros

Posted by Andrei Zanescu

Welcome back!

This week, we have our full interview with Dr. Jaako Stenros on Nordic Larp and the role of humour in dark or transgressive play.
Dr. Stenros is a lecturer at the University of Turku and a member of the Centre of Excellent in Culture, a joint project between Tampere University, the University of Turku, and the University of Jyväskylä. Stenros has also collaborated with artists and designers to create ludic experiences and has curated many …

Welcome to Queer VRChat

Posted by tbraun

Over the past year, I’ve spent 800+ hours in VRChat (a social virtual reality platform where VR users can meet and interact with one another) hanging out, conducting interviews, and doing participant observation with gender non-conforming people as part of my research-creation Ph.D. at Concordia University. VRChat is made up of user-driven content and offers unique insight into how queer VR enthusiasts envision the metaverse (shared virtual worlds), create gender-affirming content, and form emergent imaginative …