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Critical Hit Speaker Series: Ruben Farrus

Posted by Jess

[Hi everyone! You’ve probably heard about this by now, but here it is in more official context! Hope to see you all come out this Thursday!]

This Thursday, join us for the second talk of Critical Hit’s Distinguished Speaker Series, with guest speaker Ruben Farrus. Taking the place of the slow jam playtests now that phase 2 of the incubator has begun, the speaker series will feature game creators and researchers of all stripes who will share their experiences in the field and in the community. It’s our way of bringing GDC to Montreal!


Ruben Farrus (@rubenfarrus) is a Creative Director at Minority Media Inc. He was game designer on the award-winning PAPO & YO and most recently led Minority’s next empathy game, SILENT ENEMY, set for release on iOS later in 2014.

He has extensive experience in developing pitches, having presented to SONY, MICROSOFT, UBISOFT, APPLE, AMAZON and the CMF, among others. Ruben has delivered talks at MIGS Montreal and spoken at conferences in Mexico, Colombia, and the IGDA’s Montreal chapter.

He is currently collaborating with the National Film Board of Canada (NFB).

This week, Ruben will be talking about creating games that will resonate:

Our medium is booming: There have never been more games and game makers out there as there are today. Every year, a new generation of developers join the already-crowded industry. As a result, the videogames market is flooded: perfectly good–even great–games are released every day and many are instantly ignored or forgotten by the public. In a scenario like this, how do we make our games relevant to people? What do we have to say to them? During this talk, Ruben will explore the most fundamental reasons why we make games; what is the culture that we create; and what role does art play in today’s society. Only by understanding this we can create experiences that will resonate with our players long after the game is over.

All talks will be in the District 3 Innovation Centre (EV 7.105).

Don’t know where that is? No worries, we’ll take you there!
Meet us in the Hexagram Game Lab (EV 11.425, 1515 St. Catherine O.) a few minutes early and we’ll head down together.

Stay tuned for more news about upcoming speakers in the series!

WHO: Ruben Farrus of Minority Media
WHAT: A talk about creating games that will resonate
WHEN: Thursday, July 17th, 5PM
WHERE: D3 Innovation Center (EV 7.105)