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Critical Hit Speaker Series: Saleem Dabbous

Posted by Jess

This Thursday, join us for the fourth talk of Critical Hit’s Distinguished Speaker Series, with guest speaker and Critical Hit alumnus Saleem Dabbous. Taking the place of the slow jam playtests now that phase 2 of the incubator has begun, the speaker series will feature game creators and researchers of all stripes who will share their experiences in the field and in the community. It’s our way of bringing GDC to Montreal!


KO-OP Mode Co-Founder, Game Maker
Saleem Dabbous makes small and experimental games at KO-OP Mode – a collective of weird and quirky game makers. He also co-organizes the Mount Royal Game Society, and used to work as the TAG and Hexagram Game lab coordinator for two years before going off and joining the game making world.

Saleem’s talk will be about “getting the word out to those who care”:

A workshop/talk that covers the essentials to getting coverage on your game and how to begin thinking about getting the word out to people who actually care. He’ll cover things like:

– Making a simple website that’s not garbage
– Why you need to be on twitter
– Making a quality trailer
– The problem with Facebook
– Mailing lists
– Local Community
– #ScreenshotSaturday
– Being discoverable
– Specific press you should reach out to
– Festivals you should submit to (and dealing with rejection)

All talks will be in the District 3 Innovation Centre (EV 7.105).

Don’t know where that is? No worries, we’ll take you there!
Meet us in the Hexagram Game Lab (EV 11.425, 1515 St. Catherine O.) a few minutes early and we’ll head down together.

Stay tuned for more news about upcoming speakers in the series!

WHO: Saleem Dabbous of KO-OP Mode
WHAT: “Getting the word out to those who care”
WHEN: Thursday, July 31st, 5PM
WHERE: D3 Innovation Center (EV 7.105)